Dead Drive

"This is a crackling first novel—action and romance go hand in hand, and you just might learn something while reading it, too. And it's about time Indianapolis got its own private eye."  — Les Roberts, award-winning author of the Milan Jacovich and Saxon mystery novels

Cyber Thrillers!

Coming soon...The Wolf Ruger Cyber Thrillers (The Cybercode Chronicles: Cyberkill (Book 1), Cybercrypt (Book 2)...


NEWS FLASH - Cyberkill release date is June 25th!

Bits and bytes can steal and kill…

Massive attacks on Las Vegas slot machines. Medical clinic murder by malware. Wolf Ruger walks a fine line between law enforcement and organized crime in the dangerous cyber world of ransomware, bots, sinkholes and sandboxes. This tight tale of murder, money and sex gives readers a behind-the-scenes look into the toxic world of international cybercrime.

Meet Ross Carley

Ross is the author of Dead Drive and Formula Murder, with a third in the Wolf Ruger Mystery Series to be published this year.

He has served as a military intelligence officer, an engineering professor, and the CTO of a defense contractor that produces computer software.

Formula Murder

"Wolf Ruger of Dead Drive is back! Once again Carley weaves a tight tale of murder, money and sex while giving readers an up-close, behind-the-scenes look into the rarified world of Formula racing. Speed counts in this taut investigation."  —Michele Drier, The Kandesky Vampire Chronicles & The Amy Hobbes Mysteries

Cyber Mysteries

The Wolf Ruger Mystery series includes Ross Carley's first two books, Dead Drive and Formula Murder...