“This is a crackling first novel—action, and romance go hand in hand, and you just might learn something while reading it, too. And it’s about time Indianapolis got its own private eye.”  — Les Roberts, award-winning author of the Milan Jacovich and Saxon series of mystery novels

Ross Carley’s smart, sexy breakout novel Dead Drive echoes the cadence and pulse of a great detective mystery, akin to classics by Loren Estleman and Les Roberts. The protagonist Wolf Ruger is a single Iraqi vet who works independently as a technology consultant and private investigator. He is doggedly determined on his quest for the truth.

Set in Indianapolis, this well-crafted mystery showcases Wolf investigating foul play in the high- technology industry. Hired by Stellar Electronics CEO Andy Marshall as a PI working undercover as a technology consultant, Wolf investigates disk drive production issues that potentially threaten the business.  Why are so many drives malfunctioning? Wolf rolls up his sleeves and begins gathering preliminary company information when his high-tech investigation melds with murder. Now he must solve two cases while being distracted by beautiful women.

He relies on a network of loyal friends to crack the cases. Among them are IMPD’s homicide detective Sergeant Tito Rodriguez, a comrade from his days in the Gulf; Daniel Li, a technically-savvy graduate student; and good old Max Blitzer, the retired PI, and mentor from whom Wolf learned the trade.

Vivid character descriptions and well-crafted dialogue make these and many more characters come to life. Readers will cheer for Wolf as he deals with unsavory criminals and more than once puts himself in harm’s way to protect his clients and solve the crimes. Wolf has to repeatedly deal with the fact that everything isn’t as it seems.

Steamy sex scenes and witty musings are sprinkled throughout the gripping plot. This book is a must-read for fans of Estleman’s Amos Walker and Roberts’ Milan Jacovich, who will cheer for Wolf at every turn and look forward to meeting up with him again.