Ross Carley has served as a military intelligence officer, an engineering professor, and the CTO of a defense contractor. He is the author or co-author of four books in the computational intelligence area (published under his “real” name).

His novels feature Wolf Ruger, an Iraq vet with PTSD, who is a private investigator specializing in cybercrime. Wolf solves murders and cybercrimes, undeterred by beautiful women and organized crime.

Dead Drive (2016) is a private investigator murder mystery set in Indy’s electronics industry and featuring US mobs and foreign espionage. Formula Murder (2017) is set in the fast-paced racing industry (more mobs, and shades of Iraq). Cyberkill, (2018) is a cyberthriller featuring casino hacking in Las Vegas, a cybercrime network in Chicago, and high-stakes cybermurder in Indianapolis.

Ross enjoys working with his publication team, including his editors/advisors LeeAnna Groves and Michele Drier, cover designer Karen Phillips, and Shari Stauch, whose expertise in social media marketing included a new website design.

His technical advisors try to keep his plots plausible:
Steve Lodin in the world of hacking, malware attacks, and social engineering;
Chris Collins, who has intimate knowledge of how three-letter agencies deal with cybercrime, malware, and each other; and,
Doyle Groves, who organized the monthly Breakfast Cyber-Cabal where Steve, Chris, he and Ross meet to eat and confabulate.

Ross belongs to the Indianapolis Chapter of Sisters in Crime. He and his wife Francie split their time between Indianapolis, IN, and Fort Walton Beach, FL. He enjoys the beach, and believes that the white sands in Fort Walton Beach are unrivaled for beauty.